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Basic Statistics

Name: Aera
Origin of name:'''Aera Cura''' was a goddess associated with the underworld. Roman mythology
Age:18 at the start of episode 1.
Sex: Female
Nationality: Europa
Ethnicity: Caucasian/Hispanic (American/European/Bolivian)
Race: Human
Sexual Orientation: Lesbian
Current status: Single
Political Party: Far Left
Police/Criminal/Legal record: None
Socioeconomic level as a child: Middle 30%
Socioeconomic level as an adult: Middle 30%
Birth date: 08/19/2398
Birth place: Europa
Current residence: Europa start of Ep1
Occupation: Assigned to the engineering team

Past History

Aera was originally created before the great wars. The fertile egg was then frozen and held at a space station for several hundred years before the clutch(1000s of human eggs) was finally ordered to be birthed.  

Biggest role model: Hero
Why? Hero worked on Europa with child services for most of Aera’s life. From a young age, Aera found Hero to be the center of her universe and a big sister type of role model.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5’8”
Weight: 135
Build: Athletic
Skin: Light tan/mostly white
Hair: Golden brown
Eyes: Brown
Ears: Small
Nose: Small
Mouth: Normal
Hands: Small
Feet: Small
Tattoos/Scars? No belly button
Left/Right handed? Right Handed
Who does s/he take after; mother or father? Father
Style (Elegant, shabby, etc): Always prepared
How does s/he dress or what do they typically wear? Light armor
Other outfits one might find in their wardrobe: One dress, Europa Aerospace Company uniforms

Other accessories: Utility belt
Health: Advanced immune system


Are they generally balanced or clumsy? Clumsy
Describe their sleep patterns (light/heavy sleeper, no sleep, sleeps too often, etc): Rarely sleeps

Character Overview:

Aera is an orphan science experiment. Prior to the Nanorobotic wars, a special program was set up by the Intergalactic council(the governing body of space) which ordered the creation of large clutches of fertile human eggs. The purpose of the program was to allow the council to quickly populate a planet or space station. For many years, this process was very successful in spreading humanity throughout the solar system. After the wars with the network down, the council lost contact with many of the pods that were stored in remote regions of space. But slow population growth necessitated the acquisition of at least one pod. After three years of searching the council was able to find two pods, each with several thousand embryos. The embryos were activated and eventually birthed, with most of the infants being spread amongst the space stations. A small group was selected to stay on Europa.
I'm at 2000! Thanks for the awesome birthday gift!!!
EarthFall is a story about the adventures of Aera(18 years old) and Hero(27 years old) as they travel the Solar System defending the weak, pursuing the truth and saving humanity. The story starts off in the year 2416 nearly 200 years after a deadly nanorobotic parasite has wiped out all of life on the Earth, The Moon, and Mars. Leaving settlements on Titan, Europa, Ganymede, Callisto, Io, Enceladus and on several hundred space stations.

Storyline laws:
   People born on Europa are usually named after Roman mythology.
   People born Titan are usually named after Greek mythology.
   People born on space stations use modern names.
   The Europa civilization is built under the Water-Ice crust(In the large ocean underneath).
   In the year 2101, An elite group of programmers/hackers/coders/biologists/engineers/and other science types created a way to be able to digitally copy a human brain and store it on the cloud, effectively making a way to become immortal. Important humans are allowed to come back as any type of animal/android. Space in the cloud is limited so only important beings can be saved. Only a small handful of minds were stored, but the servers that the minds were stored on were lost for ever after the nanobots wiped out most of civilization. Since it was a top secret program and any hard evidence would be on Earth/The moon/Mars no known records were ever recovered. Today the program only exists as an urban legend….

Season 1 Synopsis:
Aera receives a notification informing her that she has a life-changing gift waiting for her on Earth. Unfortunately for her, the entire area within 2.8 AU of the sun is quarantined(everything inside of the asteroid belt). After attempting, and failing to contact the only person Aera knows that is capable of operating a battleship(which would be necessary to advance past the scouts that patrol the asteroid belt) capable of getting her to Earth, Aera is forced to travel to the rogue planet Io to find and convince her.
Upon entry into the airspace of Io, Aera’s ship is attacked by the rebels and she is forced to crash land near a small enclosed ecological village(all habitable space is inside several large bio-domes spread across the planet). Aera is able to make contact with the village using her emergency contact system and requests that they send a Rover to pick her up.
After arriving in the village, Aera is shocked to discover that the village is living on half rations by order of the rebels. In addition to that, the village leader, Lee Anders, has been kidnaped and is being held captive by the rebels. Aera agrees to help the village rescue Lee in exchange for one of their battleships. A small extraction team is formed and sets out on their mission.
After several battles with the rebel army, the extraction team is finally captured and sent to a large holding cell. In the cell, the group meets up with Lee and together they formulate an escape plan. The plan initially goes off without a hitch, allowing the group to escape, but soon the group confronts the rebel, leader.
The rebel leader, a small masked woman, looks over the group and orders her men to stand down. The woman invites the group to her throne room whereupon she removes her mask. Aera is initially overcome with joy as she realizes that the masked rebel woman is her former mentor, Hero(the person she originally came to find). But after the initial shock dies down, Aera confronts Hero about the hardship she has caused to the outer villages.
Hero explains that the main section of the city was damaged by an explosion(a science experiment gone awry) and was no longer capable of producing enough food to sustain itself. Hero was in the process of purchasing an equipment from authorities on Titan but the deal broke down when the line of communication was hacked by a group created and led by Lee(the hack was caught by Titan, leading the government on Titan to assume that all lines of communication with Io were insecure, leading them to break off all comms), subsequently leading to his arrest.
In the ensuing firestorm that was created because of Lee’s actions, governments across the solar system broke all communication with Io, causing them to become a ‘rebel’ group. After some convincing, Aera is able to get Hero to hand over control of the planet to Lee. With the newfound freedom, Hero decides to join Aera on her mission and enlists a crew to pilot the battleship the village had given to Aera.
Aera, Hero, and the crew battle several scout ships en route to the Inner solar system. The crew docks in Earth’s orbit, allowing the team to scout the ground, whereupon they find that the nanobots have mostly taken over the planet and had started to build their own society. Despite the rumors that the nanobots had wiped out all human life, the ships detectors sense that there are several humans still on the planet. After careful planning the crew finds a safe place to land the rover(in the grand canyon) where the nanobots had yet to start repurposing the land(in addition to that the location is also close to where one of the human lives had been found).
Upon landing, the crew's first goal is to locate the other human. After several hours of scouting the area, large explosions are heard off in the distance. They decide to send a small scout team(consisting of Aera, Hero, and one other member of the crew) to check out what had caused the noise. En route to the location of the noise, a jet bike can be seen in the distance coming towards the scouting party...To be continued.      

Later in the season… (Almost all contact with the Moon’s networks are disabled, with the lone exception being a LAN connected to the Moon’s network from a terminal on Ceres, leading the team to find the location of the servers to manually reconnect them to the greater network)On Ceres, they attempt to reconnect with The Moon’s intranet with the hope of hacking into the network that holds the greatest minds of the 22nd century to pinpoint the location of the servers.

   Europa (7 million)
   Titan (733 million)
   Ganymede(16 million)
   Callisto(537 thousand)
   Enceladus(388 thousand)
   Io (4.5 million)
   Atlantis(Space Station) (366 million)

Character Synopsis:
Aera(Born 2398 <18YO> Europa)
Hero(Born 2389 <27YO> Titan) Falls in love with Lee. Has a bionic eye.
Lee Anders(Born 2382 <34YO> Io)
   Aera’s personal AI
   Crew members

Episode 1

   Scene 1
   The Screens covering the four walls of Aera's small bedroom change from a dark-colored lava lamp/ocean tide effect to a bright sun slowly rising diagonally across the room. The new found brightness is accompanied by a loud trumpeting and the ringing of church bells. Aera, who had been deeply asleep in the bed in the corner of the room, growls and throws her blankets across the room. She gestures to stop the alarm and the sound ends with the sun appearing high in the ceiling/sky. She sighs and slowly gets up to pick up the blankets.
   By the command of her voice, the small bedroom is mechanically transformed by nanorobotic process into a kitchenette and immediately begins work on assembling breakfast. The kitchenette robotic assistant places a tray with a vitamin juice pouch and an egg shaped nutrient ball in front of Aera. She pokes it sheepishly with her spork ultimately shoving the tray away in protest. Aera commands that her notifications are brought up on the wall closest to her. A red notification arrow is highlighting a message that previews as “A package ready to be picked up”.
   With a puzzled expression on her face, Aera commands the message to be read. In a slightly robotic Russian accent, a voice reads out, “You have a package waiting for you at the 16th and Wazee storage station.” Now even more confused, Aera orders the first link in the message be opened. It brings up a receipt showing that a small compartment at the storage station had been purchased, with the purchase date being 2221. It also has the I.D. Verification number to unlock the locker and the locker number. She orders for the second link to be opened, and a small message pops up. The message reads, “Happy birthday honey! I hope that this will answer all of your questions.”

Episode “The Cold Shoulder of Io”
   Aera attempts to set down on Io but is attacked and forced into a semi-controlled landing by an unmarked military craft. They land beside her, and a group of armored marines force access to her ship, hold her at gunpoint, search the ship, then leave without a word. When she attempts to contact a settlement on Io, she receives promises of assistance until she mentions the unmarked ship and marines. At the mention of the ship, the settlement immediately stops responding and refuses to answer further attempts at communication, forcing her to make repairs solo (possibly insert a manual-reading montage here). After finally repairing her ship and managing to limp off the surface and head directly for a proper repair yard, she re-connects to the data net and finds a story about a wealthy entrepreneur missing and presumed dead after flying a ship of the same model as Aera's en route to a trade conference on Io. Overarching plot hooks: Aera misses an important meeting or deadline because it took her so long to effect repairs. It possibly becomes a personal mission for her to find and rescue the entrepreneur, or at least discover who killed/abducted him.
I'm currently in the process of writing a cartoon. It is my goal for this project to be the collaboration of about half a dozen individuals. I believe the diversity of ideas and the unique thought that each person brings will make for a much more engaging work.

If you are interested in hearing more about my ideas please feel free to contact me.


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I need a new puzzle.
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Interconnected, sexual, soul, mind Fuck.
Thats what I need.
Someone to have pure mind orgies with.
Something deeper than the flesh.
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I may be crazy, but you know as well as I do that I can make you complete.

My insane mind, connected with your pure mind; that would cause quite a mess. Sounds fun!

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