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3000 views... Thank you to everyone who has taken their time to read my work.
Synopsis: Aera receives a notification informing her that she has a life-changing gift waiting for her on Earth. Unfortunately for her, the entire area within 2.8 AU of the sun is quarantined(everything inside of the asteroid belt).

Scene 1: The Screens covering the four walls of Aera's small bedroom change from a dark-colored lava lamp/ocean tide effect to a bright sun slowly rising diagonally across the room. The new found brightness is accompanied by a loud trumpeting and the ringing of church bells. Aera, who had been deeply asleep in the bed in the corner of the room, growls and throws her blankets across the room. She gestures to stop the alarm and the sound ends with the sun appearing high in the ceiling/sky. She sighs and slowly gets up to pick up the blankets.
   By the command of her voice, the small bedroom is mechanically transformed by nanorobotic process into a kitchenette and immediately begins work on assembling breakfast. The kitchenette robotic assistant places a tray with a vitamin juice pouch and an egg shaped nutrient ball in front of Aera. She pokes it sheepishly with her spork ultimately shoving the tray away in protest. Aera commands that her notifications are brought up on the wall closest to her. A red notification arrow is highlighting a message that previews as “A package is ready to be picked up”.
   With a puzzled expression on her face, Aera commands the message to be read. In a slightly robotic Russian accent, a voice reads out, “You have a package waiting for you at the 16th and Wazee storage station.” Now even more confused, Aera orders the first link in the message be opened. It brings up a receipt showing that a small compartment at the storage station had been purchased, with the purchase date being 2221. It also has the I.D. Verification number to unlock the locker and the locker number. She orders for the second link to be opened, and a small message pops up. The message reads, “It’s about time we save humanity”

Scene 2: Too be continued
Basic Statistics

Name: Hero
Origin of name: "Hero and Leander" is the Greek myth relating the story of Hero, a priestess of Aphrodite who dwelt in a tower in Sestos on the European side of the Hellespont, and Leander, a young man from Abydos on the opposite side of the strait.
Age:27 at the start of episode 1.
Sex: Female
Ethnicity: Russian
Race: Human
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Current status: Single
Political Party: Anarchist
Police/Criminal/Legal record: Intergalactic Criminal(Treason)
Socioeconomic level as a child: Middle 30%
Socioeconomic level as an adult: N/A Accounts frozen
Birth date: 01/07/2389
Birth place: Titan
Current residence: Io start of Ep1
Occupation: Leader of the Rebellion
Talents/Skills/Powers: Due to an infection as a child, she lost her left eye. Fortunately, she was able to have a bionic eye installed. This bionic eye is a significant upgrade to a natural human eye. It is capable of seeing the full electromagnetic spectrum, as well as many other neat features.  

Past History

Hero’s ancestors were among the first to colonize Titan. Her great-grandparents were Russian immigrants living in Kazakhstan when the IGC(Intergalactic Council) initiated a program which would ask people to uproot their lives, and move to a new planet. They were assigned Saturn’s moon, Titan as their new home.

Biggest role model: (Cool Russian Guy name) Hero’s Great grandfather
Why? The first great philosopher of Titan.

Style (Elegant, shabby, etc): Goes for the kill/always playing the long game
How does s/he dress or what do they typically wear? Ceremonial Io Council leader armor  
Other outfits one might find in their wardrobe: Lots of colorful outfits.

Although considered by the IGC to be a traitor, Hero is arguably the only Human in the universe fighting to preserve the future for humanity. Despite this, she is not afraid to spill a little blood in the process. She has an unconventional leadership style. This is perhaps best illustrated by her willingness to work closely with those she would normally consider her enemy if it is in her best interest long term. Another example, while most leaders would rather delegate tasks, Hero is more of a hands on type.  
Hero traveled to Europa to work with scientists who were in charge of caring for and monitoring the new Pod children, in hopes of obtaining an advanced degree. It was here that Hero met Aera, a mischievous but clever child. Hero would help guide Aero and shape one of the great minds of their era. When Hero finished her advanced degree in Human development she was hired at a biogenetic lab on Io. It was shortly after moving to Io that her run-in with the IGC would occur.
Basic Statistics

Name: Aera
Origin of name:'''Aera Cura''' was a goddess associated with the underworld. Roman mythology
Age:18 at the start of episode 1.
Sex: Female
Nationality: Europa
Ethnicity: Caucasian/Hispanic (American/European/Bolivian)
Race: Human
Sexual Orientation: Lesbian
Current status: Single
Political Party: Far Left
Police/Criminal/Legal record: None
Socioeconomic level as a child: Middle 30%
Socioeconomic level as an adult: Middle 30%
Birth date: 08/19/2398
Birth place: Europa
Current residence: Europa start of Ep1
Occupation: Assigned to the engineering team

Past History

Aera was originally created before the great wars. The fertile egg was then frozen and held at a space station for several hundred years before the clutch(1000s of human eggs) was finally ordered to be birthed.  

Biggest role model: Hero
Why? Hero worked on Europa with child services for most of Aera’s life. From a young age, Aera found Hero to be the center of her universe and a big sister type of role model.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5’8”
Weight: 135
Build: Athletic
Skin: Light tan/mostly white
Hair: Golden brown
Eyes: Brown
Ears: Small
Nose: Small
Mouth: Normal
Hands: Small
Feet: Small
Tattoos/Scars? No belly button
Left/Right handed? Right Handed
Who does s/he take after; mother or father? Father
Style (Elegant, shabby, etc): Always prepared
How does s/he dress or what do they typically wear? Light armor
Other outfits one might find in their wardrobe: One dress, Europa Aerospace Company uniforms

Other accessories: Utility belt
Health: Advanced immune system


Are they generally balanced or clumsy? Clumsy
Describe their sleep patterns (light/heavy sleeper, no sleep, sleeps too often, etc): Rarely sleeps

Character Overview:

Aera is an orphan science experiment. Prior to the Nanorobotic wars, a special program was set up by the Intergalactic council(the governing body of space) which ordered the creation of large clutches of fertile human eggs. The purpose of the program was to allow the council to quickly populate a planet or space station. For many years, this process was very successful in spreading humanity throughout the solar system. After the wars with the network down, the council lost contact with many of the pods that were stored in remote regions of space. But slow population growth necessitated the acquisition of at least one pod. After three years of searching the council was able to find two pods, each with several thousand embryos. The embryos were activated and eventually birthed, with most of the infants being spread amongst the space stations. A small group was selected to stay on Europa.


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I need a new puzzle.
Someone who I can learn to become part of.
Interconnected, sexual, soul, mind Fuck.
Thats what I need.
Someone to have pure mind orgies with.
Something deeper than the flesh.
Something beyond love and hate.

I may be crazy, but you know as well as I do that I can make you complete.

My insane mind, connected with your pure mind; that would cause quite a mess. Sounds fun!

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